The Artist Development services provided by Tempest Records will help you achieve a career in music. Our experience working with bands and individuals has shown that the leading cause of career failure comes from a lack of clear goals and a plan for accomplishing them. In consulting, we ask important questions and provide avenues for answering them, as well as for creating a list of steps that will be taken to act on the strategy tailored for you.

    Among the benefits of working with us in planning your career are the following:
  • Confidence in your strategy
  • Achievable goal setting
  • Financial reality testing
  • Knowledge of "the next step"


Our independent meetings are designed to achieve specific goals. they target one area of concern at a time in order to specifically address an individual aim of the artist or group. These meetings are targeted to last between one and three hours, and may require outside work and a follow-up meeting. The independent meetings we focus on are the following:

Goal Setting

This meeting allows us to evaluate your current status and identify your specific goals. This crucial stage in professional development is so often overlooked, but can be made easy through careful thinking, evaluation and planning. Once goals are coordinated, a straightforward plan of action will be composed for their achievement. You may find that a Goal Setting meeting is a helpful process to repeat as your career progresses.

Group Partnership Agreement

For any group that strives to be professional, working with a partnership agreement is essential. The contracts we create for your group will be legally binding, and will be helpful in guiding the group in its development. Our contracts will help outline your individual concerns, and will provide a more concrete basis for your business relationship. You'll feel more self-assured knowing the important decisions have already been agreed upon. The Group Partnership Agreement meeting will help you take your musical careers to the next level of professionalism.

Performance & Booking

Whether your goals involve the scheduling of performances or the improvement of your live show, Tempest Records can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach. We can help you create a strategy for optimizing your performance schedule, your approach to booking gigs, and your fan base.

Promotional Planning

Tempest Records can help you with your promotional goals. We begin by setting specific aims for your product or performance, and then develop a careful plan for achieving it. We will tailor a marketing plan specifically for your goals and project. A strong marketing plan wil help you with booking, gaining press, gaining access to radio play and increasing turn-out at performances.

Record Planning

Recordings are all too often unplanned. Our Record Planning meeting focuses on achieving specific goals. Among the issues to consider are optimal scheduling, sales projections, budgeting and production planning. Recordings often account for the greatest cost a band or individual assumes. Planning a large recording project can save a great deal of time and money. We can help.



Tempest Records may also work with individuals or bands as a label. This sort of relationship is reserved for those acts already well established. If your group is early in development, consider our independent meetings as preparation for your professional career.



Our meetings will cost $50 per hour. If you have any questions about our Artist Development services, feel free to contact us. Your music is important. We can help you share it.